Cervical Caps

Cervical Caps

So... condoms. Yes, they serve their purpose. And if you are avoiding hormonal birth control, you might think they are your only solution. But let's be honest, a lot of men *and* women simply hate the sex-in-a-bag feeling. It's kind of a mood killer!

Enter, FemCap, the cervical cap. The same way a condom creates a barrier to block sperm, cervical caps also create a barrier. The difference is that the barrier is deep inside your vagina, directly covering the cervix. FemCap still stops sperm from entering your uterus so you can't get pregnant, but you and your partner won't even know it's there.

And here is the kicker. FemCap (unlike a diaphragm) does not need to be sized by a doctor, so you can choose your size, place an order, and start using the FemCap right away. It makes natural birth control easy and more accessible!

  1. FemCap Cervical Cap

    Hormone-free birth control.

    No prescription needed. Choose from 3 easy to determine sizes.

    Easy to use. Designed to fit securely and comfortably.

    Unlike a condom, does not interrupt skin-to-skin intimacy.

    Made in the USA. FDA and Health Canada approved. EU/CE Certified.

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